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The Center provides surgical care, both in the U.S. and abroad, for the reconstruction of mutilated genitalia.

The surgical procedures focus on restoring function and removing the scarring and complications of FGM in patients whose lives have been so tragically impacted.

We recognize that many of our patients are scarred psychologically as well.

Therefore, we also offer counseling with certified counselors or, if needed, physician psychiatrists. It is the Center's goal to as completely as possible erase the nightmare of FGM.

We also willingly share our knowledge and expertise with others who may provide similar services to FGM patients. To that end, we invite any interested parties to schedule a visit to learn what we do and hopefully multiply our efforts. Physicians and counselors seeking to learn our reconstruction techniques are welcomed.

FGM is a worldwide problem that must be addressed through governmental actions, local enforcement of existing laws and the knowledge that FGM serves no place in civilized societies. Our work at the Center includes advocacy - in all its forms - to achieve the end of FGM.

We work with many existing non-governmental agencies who dedicate themselves to educating those in areas where FGM is practiced, lobbying those in legislative positions who can make a difference and raising awareness globally.

All of our services are replicable and portable, thereby accelerating the treatment of the millions of women who suffered FGM.