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The Surgery Center for FGM is the nation's first and only non-profit center for treatment of FGM. Our efforts are funded completely by donations and grants which allow us to provide our services at no cost to the patient.

We are a non-profit multi-disciplinary Center in the United States devoted solely to patients of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or “female cutting”. Our services are free for all FGM victims.

We specialize in reversal of FGM by reconstructing the genitalia surgically. Our Center also offers psychological counselling and educational training for medical personnel.

Thankfully, there are many advocacy and policy groups working to prevent FGM of future victims, but there are not enough physicians and surgeons addressing the needs of those patients who have already been mutilated. Our Center addresses that need.

The Center's staff of physicians, surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers determines the needs of the patient and facilitates the recapture of that which was taken - their physical and psychological integrity. In the rare event the patient's needs are beyond our capacity, we refer them to our professional partners that the Center has pre-approved.

This holistic approach to the FGM patient provides a more rapid recovery of birth anatomy, body integrity and sense of wholeness.

We realize that this is a very sensitive and personal issue. Cultural differences are recognized and honored throughout the treatment period. Patients are encouraged to ask questions, share difficulties and become comfortable with the surgeons and staff. We make every effort to honor special requests regarding care and staffing. And, as with any surgery, patients are always fully informed.

Since our non-profit Center provides care to an international audience, we value our partners who provide invaluable assistance.

We are frequently made aware of the needs of local and foreign communities by these partners. As a global team of providers, we hope to treat those now with FGM and prevent others from ever being brutalized. We make every effort to accommodate their travel schedule and make available information regarding hotels and transportation while in Atlanta.

A Few Frequent Questions

What is FGM surgery?
It is the procedure to reverse some of the physical remnants of the mutilation. One of the primary goals of the surgery is the restoration of the clitoris which is almost always cut. Victims of female cutting or FGM do have clitoral tissue buried in scar tissue. It can be isolated, freed from the scar tissue and exposed to its original anatomical site. The vulva or lips of the vagina are then addressed for improvement by utilizing plastic surgical procedures.

Deinfibulation is the process of surgically separating the previously sutured or sewn together lips of the vagina. This serves to restore normal anatomy and function to the vagina.

Is female genital mutilation legal?
The simple answer is No. In 1996, the U.S. passed federal law banning FGM. Further legislation was passed in 2013 to address “vacation cutting” wherein parents transported children back to their home country for cutting during their vacations. Additionally, there are currently 27 U.S. states that have specific laws banning FGM.

Contact us today if you have questions about any of our services.